Healthcare Photography & Video

Professional photography and video production has never been easier. OMG is the creative resource that you have been looking for (providing scriptwriting, shooting and editing) we are here to ease your way through the process - from beginning to end.

At OMG, we understand the role that photography and video plays in your healthcare marketing message. That's why we start by understanding your communication goals -- in order to effectively produce media that has the highest impact on your target audience. Our team works with you to create targeted videos and impactful images… on budget and on time.


Effective Marketing through Video

We are experienced at producing video content for many purposes and across a scope of clinical areas. Our portfolio includes corporate videos, informational and training videos, television commercials, and much more. Need to introduce a new piece of technology to your patient base... tell a unique first-person patient testimonial... or produce a spot on a core clinical service line for local cable television, we can help.

Get Your Video Produced By Healthcare Marketing Experts

Why settle for ordinary video production or stock photography, when you can affordably work with leading healthcare marketing experts? OMG can provide highly targeted-results oriented video and photography services for your healthcare organization or medical practice.

    • Welcome Videos
    • Meet the Doctors and Staff
    • Testimonials
    • In-Office Reception DVDs
    • Live Events & Expert Panels
    • Webcasts & Video Shows
    • Television Commercial Production
    • Video News Releases
    • Training Videos
    • Online Video (search engine optimization)

We provide all levels of production, ranging from single-producer shoots to full crews. OMG's multi-tiered rate structure makes us one of the most affordable creative resources in healthcare today.

Video in the Marketing Mix

The introduction of high-definition cameras and computer editing now allows you to use video as an integral part of your marking mix. This allows you to deploy video across multiple media outlets (increasing your reach) at previously impossible speeds.

Online video is also a great tool to generate traffic to your website, collect inbound links and build social media reach. From extended news coverage to product-related information, online video can bring your message to target audiences far-and-wide.

Photography Services

  • Annual and Community Reports
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Branding Campaigns
  • Brochures
  • Executive and Sr. Leadership Portraits
  • Exterior & Interior Architectural Images

Video Services

  • Medical Training & Education Video Production
  • Employee Training Video Production
  • Medical Conference & Event Video Production
  • Promotional Health Care Video Production
  • Television Commercial Production
  • YouTube Channel Video Production
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